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Forgeside Industrial Estate
Woodside Road
NP44 3EW

Phone: 01633 868528

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Kevin Sheppard


Had a very disappointing experience with this garage at MOT time in January 2019. Just a add a little background, my wife's family had taken their cars to this garage for years and given a lot of business to them. It should also be added that George who previously owned the garage has retired and passed ownership to one of the younger lads.

Our 2009 diesel Picasso with 91000 miles went in for MOT, was due a service but we were waiting to see what the advisories were before having this done. The car had previously been serviced annually, was driven carefully by my wife and had no issues at all when taken for the test.

By the Tuesday of that week, we no longer had a car that was functionning. The first explanation of events we had was that the car had been taken to the garage they use for MOTS (GL Autos does not perform MOTs on site), had been set up for the emissions test and revved ' to the governor' at which point smoke had started bellowing out the back and they aborted the test.

On the Wednesday, a friend was using the garage and spoke to me jokingly to say that he had been there that morning and seen my car and that the mechanics at GL Autos were cursing the Picasso as it had lost all compression in the engine. I was becoming agitated because not only had the car developed an issue within a quarter of a mile of driving and a rev test, I questioned whether it had been revved too much, for too long and damaged the engine. I contacted Citizen's advice, and trading standards to explain that I was not happy with what had happened and to seek advice. I was advised under the Consumer Act to ask the garage if they would take ownership of the issue and resolve it and send a recorded letter stating that if they were unable to accept responsibility and resolve, that I would be in my right to have the car repaired elsewhere at the cheapest price possible and come to an agreement with the garage about cost.

I asked Shawn whether he did accept responsibility, told him that I wasn't happy with what had happened which now left my wife and I carless. This is where our relationship broke down and a change in the version of events was given. Shawn confirmed at this point that he had assumed they revved it to the governor, but that in actual fact this had not happened and that all the car had been taken to the MOT testing station, left on the ramp to warm up for 45 minutes, that a rattling sound could be heard and the engine failed without the test even taking place. In view of there being such a completely difference series of events, I completely lost faith in this garage. A mechanic friend from Swansea also spoke to Shawn to have an understanding from a mechanics point of view. For him something did not add up, although it was difficult to prove.

On the Sunday, I attended the garage to recover the car with another mechanic not linked to GL Autos. The car started up and was driven away with smoke bellowing out the back to the other mechanic's garage. He looked at it over the course of the week and confirmed the cam belt was in tact and not worn so this was not the cause of the engine failure, but that the car was too expensive to fix requiring a replacement engine.

I will never know what actually happened at GL Autos, cannot believe in two explanations which changed within 2 days, have lost a good car as a result which had been around Europe the previous summer without a single issue. To make things worse, when things go wrong, this garage does not even attempt to put things right or try to meet you half way.

The only thing I can say in the garage's favour is that they voided the MOT charge, needless to say this experience cost me a new vehicle straight after Christmas!

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