How To Review

  • Submitting a review is easy - there's no need to register or login.
  • Browse through our directory of over 36,000 garages or use our advanced search.
  • Search by keyword, location or required service.
  • When you've visited a garage why not add a review and comments. Its useful for other users deciding on where to take their car.
  • Just click on the 'Add a New Review' link associated with each garage.
  • Fill in the rating for each category, add an optional comment at the end and hit 'submit'.
  • After your review has been moderated it will be posted.

Tips for writing a review

  • Be helpful. Try to give as much detail as possible. Mention what work you had done to your car, how much it cost, how long it took, were the staff helpful? What would you like to read before deciding what garage to go to?
  • You review should be an opinion and should not contain specific assertions of fact that can be proved untrue. For example, "I didn't like Daves Autos. The staff are slow and rude" is a statement of opinion. However, "Whatever you do, don't go to Daves Autos. I took my car there and my car was unsafe afterwards" is potentially a defamatory statement.
  • Its better to say "I thought the work was expensive" rather than "the guy ripped me off".
  • Don't get personal. Review, don't rant. All reviews are moderated and we won't allow rude on defamatory reviews.
  • We don't allow garage owners to review their own garages (we use smart software to monitor this).
  • And most importantly, be honest.

Adding an unlisted garage

If you were unable to find a garage then add it using the Submit New Listing link

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions then please contact us.
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